The Savanes region in the North, and the Central region


Togo is located on the West African coast and has 7.3 million inhabitants. Demographically speaking, its population is growing rapidly (2.8% per year). Moreover, the country has experienced several periods of serious political and social instability.

Legislative elections were organized in July 2013 and a new parliament has been in place since September. Its four political priorities are:

  • To intensify actions already under way in priority social sectors (health, education, youth employment, water and sanitation)
  • To strengthen foundations for an economic growth that benefits everyone (economic governance, improving public finances, fighting corruption, etc.)
  • To complete constitutional and institutional reforms;
  • To promote a foreign policy of peace and solidarity

Togo is one of the least advanced countries in the world in terms of development, with an estimated poverty rate of almost 60% in 2011. The country has however made considerable progress in education and HIV/AIDS control.

Indicators TOGO Belgium
Population (thousands) 7 351 374 11 203 992
Surface area (km2) 56 785 30 528
Density (people/km2) 129,46 367
Infant mortality (per 1,000 live births) 46,73 4,18
Life expectancy (in years) 57 81
Human Development Index (HDI) out of 100 47,3 88,1
Number of doctors (per 1,000 people) 0,01 4,2
Literacy rate (%) 53 99
GDP per capita (PPP – $) 1 390 40 760

Food and Economic Security

securite_red_rondThe project location is the Savanes region in the north of Togo. The region is categorized as the poorest of the country; it is estimated that 91% of its inhabitants live on an income below the poverty line. Families are rarely able to obtain financial credit and few measures have been implemented to develop the economy and entrepreneurship. The main objective is therefore to make populations more self-sufficient by increasing the capabilities of producers and teaching them efficient farming techniques. Louvain Coopération encourages producers to form cooperatives to share their skills and increase food availability. The NGO also improves the quality of life of inhabitants by setting up income-generating activities other than farming.

Key figures
  • The availability of foods including rice, maize, groundnut and tomato increased by more than 4,000 tons between 2011 and 2013, i.e. 93% on average
  • 162 cooperative groups have been restructured to meet compliance criteria
  • A turnover of 70,000 euros was generated through the partnership between rice producers and ESOP, a processing facility for paddy rice, in 2012 and 2013
  • The UCMECS network, which has become a model for microfinance in the region, gained 11,000 new customers (56% women) between 2011 and 2013. Its savings deposit increased by 72% and its credit deposit by 45%
Partners in the South
  • Rafia
  • CDD


Healthcare and Access to Healthcare

soin_red_rondsecurite_red_rondHealthcare projects are located in the districts of Tône, Cinkanssé, Tandjaoré, Oti and Kpendjal.

In these regions, access to healthcare is still difficult for the majority of people. Social protection and health insurance systems just about cover 10% of the population. The majority simply do not have the financial means to access healthcare facilities. For those who are fortunate enough to access healthcare, the medical staff often lacks means or skills, and symptoms are rarely diagnosed properly. Women and children are particularly vulnerable to disease, especially malaria. Louvain Coopération’s objective is to enable populations to access quality healthcare, without spending money they are relying on for the future.

Key figures
  • There have been 26 healthcare training sessions to improve healthcare quality
  • The 5 District Management Teams completed 100% of planned supervision activities
  • 50,000 people in Togo are now covered by community health insurance in the Plateaux and Central regions
  • 1 school health insurance fund for primary school pupils was launched in the Central region
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