soin_red_rondAccess to healthcare is a crucial factor in the fight against poverty. It is an inalienable right which Louvain Coopération has placed at the center of its projects. There are numerous factors which affect public health: education levels, the lack of drinkable water, the absence of decent housing, armed conflicts, migration, and natural and climatic catastrophes. All these elements can harm the health of populations which are already fragile.

Poor health has a direct impact on population development. When populations constantly suffer from disease, it has a disastrous impact on their productivity, and ultimately on their quality of life.

Louvain Coopération addresses this problem by improving the quality and availability of medical care, and ensures access to medicines. By building health centers and training doctors, our teams on the field are driving back diseases in regions where healthcare systems are deficient, or even inexistent. Louvain Coopération works in three areas to improve healthcare systems and make them more independent.

Staff training
Improving healthcare quality
Management and prevention of mental health, diabetes and high blood pressure