Active academics

Louvain Coopération, NGO of the Catholic University of Louvain, puts academic skills into practice to address the challenges of development. By producing innovative and tailored solutions, our organization fights hunger, poverty and diseases alongside underprivileged populations. Louvain Coopération works in 8 countries, in Africa, Latin America and Asia. It strives to give populations the means to take control of their own destiny, by ensuring the quality of healthcare, making healthcare accessible to everyone, and developing food security through micro-entrepreneurship. In Belgium, Louvain Coopération raises awareness among the university community about the challenges of development and North-South relations.

A university NGO on the field

Louvain Coopération involves the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) as much as possible in its projects, creating a unique and innovative partnership between three parties; the university shares its expertise by involving a professor, a PhD student or a research department in a project from the start. Experts from the Louvain Coopération share their technical skills and their knowledge of the field. Finally, local partners, working with Louvain Coopération, outline the strategies best suited to the local context.