Going to the South

For many years, Louvain Coopération has been giving the academic community the opportunity to have a unique experience in a Southern country. The purpose is to promote encounters with populations living a different reality to ours, to start a relationship of exchange and sharing. This encounter makes us think about our own values and lifestyle. On their return, participants get involved in different ways to raise awareness about the realities of North-South issues among the university community.Have a look at our different initiatives!

Achieve your projects with the Fonds Solidaire

Thanks to the Carte Solidaire, launched in 2013 at UCL, you can get involved in solidarity and environment projects. Aimed at students, the Fonds Solidaire fund allows you to finance your own solidarity project in Belgium and in Southern countries. How? Applicants have to submit a financing request to the Committee and meet the eligibility criteria. Last year, three projects were financed by the Fonds Solidaire.

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Gain professional experience with IngénieuxSud

Launched in 2012 by Louvain Coopération, the Louvain Polytechnic School and Engineers Without Borders, this project enables civil engineering students to get concrete experience of development cooperation. The projects are carried out by students and supervised by UCL lecturers, and they address technical needs identified by local populations. Their approach is to use technologies which can be transferred to local populations.

Last year, six groups went out on the field. Four of them went to West Africa (Benin and Burkina Faso) to implement projects in the irrigation, solar energy and waste management sectors. The two remaining groups went to South America (Peru and Bolivia) to support local partners in irrigation and machine improvement projects.

The year 2015-2016 provided the opportunity to extend the IngénieuxSud project to the Science and Technology sectors. The project now involves the Sciences Faculty, the Polytechnic School, and the faculties of Architecture and Bio-engineering.

Stéphanie Merle

Development Learning Coordinator
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Traineeships: put your studies into practice

In Belgium or abroad, Louvain Coopération gives you the opportunity to work on the field for one of our projects. Are you interested in our traineeships?Click here!