Méta-Métis lessons

As we see it, the university should provide teaching that is both critical and civic, where the student is an active participant. Méta-Métis lessons are a concrete teaching practice reflecting this view. During these lessons, an external speaker is invited to address a topic with a perspective that is new or different to the teacher’s perspective. There is a distinction between Méta and Métis lessons.

  • Méta lessons: The visiting speaker from another discipline brings a fresh perspective on the subject, adding an interdisciplinary and multifaceted dimension to the lesson
  • Métis lessons: The visiting speaker is originally from the South and reflects on personal experiences of practices in his/her country of origin. With a focus on on interculturality and North-South interdependence, the speaker creates an interaction between sciences and culture within the academic environment

The results of Méta and Métis lessons:

  • Students have a different outlook on North-South relations
  • Students learnt to think about countries in the South with clearer perspective and greater interest
  • The presence of researchers from the South in Belgian universities is valued
  • Debating is brought back to lecture halls
  • Students actively take part in the lessons