Taking action in the North

IngénieuxSud4The beginning of the 21st century was marked by a succession of crisis (economic, financial, ecological and social), which shook our vision of the world. Globalization guided by the neo-liberal model was presented as the ideal solution. However, civil society is starting to question this model which deepens the gap between the poor and the rich. Many alternatives are now emerging, and more people are in the North and South are speaking up to say they want to live in a fairer and more inclusive world.
Development learning is precisely a part of this movement. The aim is to rebuild society together by supporting civil society. This support takes many forms, such as awareness, information and mobilization campaigns. How can we reconcile globalization and respect of local cultures? How can we find sustainable solutions to emerging issues? These are the questions development learners are trying to answer in a world which is moving too fast for some or too slow for others.Louvain Coopération offers many activities on the UCL campus and at other sites of the Louvain Group, where you can get involved as a student, researcher or professor. Click on a link below to get a glimpse of our different projects.