Development Learning

education_red_rondAs a university NGO, Louvain Coopération is also active in Belgium, at the three campuses of the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), in Louvain-la-Neuve, Mons and Woluwe. One of the university’s challenging tasks is teaching students about service to society and education. As UCL’s NGO, Louvain Coopération shares this mission with the university.
Informing and mobilizing the university community
Louvain Coopération’s teams set up awareness projects with a view to educating the student community. These projects include campaigns, courses, exhibitions, seminars/forums and conferences, publications, radio programs, training and many others activities to improve understanding of North-South relations. Integrating North-South topics with university education encourages students on the three UCL campuses to actively participate in the development of a more cohesive society.In this way the university community can engage in a critical dialogue, based on citizenship, about North-South relations and the mutual dependence of these relations. Louvain Coopération’s teams helps young people to have this dialogue, and deals with all the complex aspects of this subject.These development education initiatives encourage students to take action. This may be through small everyday gestures or collective movements for greater social justice.