Access to healthcare

acces_red_rondIn underprivileged regions families often have no regular or decent income. Medical expenses can seem quite considerable for households which are already vulnerable and do not have any kind of social protection. To treat an illness that seems benign, families have to save for weeks, sacrifice several meals or some of their productive capital. This makes households even more vulnerable. Medical charges are an extra expense that can prevent families from investing in income-generating activities or education for their children. But illness comes without warning, and the countries where Louvain Coopération works often do not have systems for social protection.

Louvain Coopération responds to this problem by setting up community health insurances. Thanks to these insurances, members pay a membership fee adapted to their means. In exchange, they have direct access to basic healthcare at a reduced cost. This contingency mechanism helps to prevent the disastrous consequences of direct payments which are substantially higher, and gives populations more independence with regards to their health. The money saved by the insurance is then reinvested to improve services.

Louvain Coopération’s healthcare access projects aim to develop community health insurances by following three guiding lines:

Widening community health insurances
Improving healthcare services
Lowering costs